Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've always thought Jean Cocteau, with his long, elegant aesthete's figure, chiseled face, and expressive hands, was the very picture of his art. The Figaro magazine ran an article on Santo Sospir, the house he decorated for his friend, Francine Weisweiller in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. This brillant touche-à-tout --poet, playwright, film-maker, visual artist -- was known for his dynamism and the originality of his work that shaped the artistic forms of his time. (portrait by Man Ray 1922)

In 1950, he undertook to tell mythological tales on the blank white walls of Santo Sospir with his distinctive, flowing line drawings. His style is classically modern like the arrangement of the house.

The dining room is lined with reeds and seems intimate and warm.

Several pieces of furniture decorated with rattan - the table, sideboard, chest of drawers - were sent from Bali and Sumatra by Madeleine de Castaing. If you click on the photo for the enlargement, you'll see in greater detail the tapestry of Judith and Holophernes woven to Cocteau's design in Aubusson. The lamps just before the frieze of jaunty Greek keys are a nice detail.

to the bedrooms

My favorite picture -
the feeling is pure and simple. Note the false moldings on the ceiling and their clever echo in the rug below.
(photos Chistophe Lepetit)

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