Thursday, April 8, 2010

Admiring the view

I've been enjoying some lovely views

of hazy, sometimes almost aquatic worlds.
They are Familiar because they remind me of landscapes of the end of the 18th century -
this one was inspired by Lacroix de Marseilles, a French painter who lived the last part of his life in Berlin -
and Strange beause they seem to be images of a half-awake dream world.

If our eyes could penetrate this painting, they would see



before coming back to this.
And we might appreciate knowing about what lies hidden in layers underneath. 

The artist, Henrik Wolff, shares his painterly progressions with us in his journal here.
He works in three realms: landscapes, clouds and nature; figurative and portrait; decorative and site-related.  

Right now, I'm imagining a room today with these hazy, atmospheric paintings replacing
the late neoclassical or romantic works I've seen in some of my "files".

 I'd love a panoramic mural, but don't have room for one - 
a big landscape painting opens the space.

Here the painting could be ordered to fit a specific spot very precisely
as it is here - framed over a bed to make a perfect dream window. 

Henrik Wolff is exhibiting at the Markus Winter gallery in Berlin 17 April - 5 June.


  1. Fabulous work. I especially love the first and next to last works of art. Wolff is amazingly talented.

    Art by Karena

  2. omg.
    the 3rd......
    is amazing.
    his work is definitely like a dream.

    love it.
    and thank you for sharing it.

  3. It reminds me of the Monet-inspired wallcoverings in the late Yves Saint-Laurent's country house, but perhaps with a touch of chinoiserie added.