Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Building Cathedrals

Lavished with ornament from one of the most elaborate decorative vocabularies ever created,
this Caterpillar is a beautiful Gothic machine. Heads turn quizzically  in the museum where it is displayed next to a 15th century maquette of the Saint Maclou Church,

 its nearby neighbor in the streets of Rouen.

This is a maquette of a monumental piece - small but still spectacular,
 at home in this Gothic city. It was created by Wim Delvoye, Flemish artist and spiritual descendant of Brueghel, who has a way - often jarring or disturbingly mocking - of transforming  objects emblematic of the modern world into the registers of traditional art or craft. Here a playful spirit hints at very different ideas of construction, 

and the varying aspirations and values applied to techniques of two ages so very far a part.

It is worth the time to take the time for these concentrated considerations

where standardized meets decorative
  with a good dash of humor. 

Wim Delvoye is exhibiting now at the Musée Rodin


  1. So original and thoughtful! Thanks for introducing us to this artist!

  2. très drôle
    original et décalé

  3. well it does make one think-I think. and that is what it's all about. pgt

  4. this is tooooooo
    the next time i am in paris...
    i will be heading over to see it if it is still there.

  5. Each age, in its own way, created marvels of ingenuity through their combination of aesthetics and engineering. What an intriguing article. Thank you.

  6. I have heard of 'cyberpunk' and 'steampunk' - but this is 'gothicpunk'!