Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr Design

the Paris waxworks.

I hadn't seen such a sight since I was a little girl holding tight to her big brother's hand in the New Orleans Musée Conti. My memories are heavy with History and Horror - often one and the same, but there were also contemporary celebrities.
There is no Hall of Horrors in the Musée Grévin, but it doesn't take childish imagination anymore to believe the statues could start moving around. What's eerie is the incredible realism that is now achieved. The statues are highly refined with glistening eyes, gleeming teeth, pores and apparent veins. One even had a wart on its knee.

And surprise, Philippe Starck
 has taken up residence in the museum since 15th of June!
Standing behind his famous "Louis Ghost," his likeness is all the more authentic as it is dressed with his own clothes: Agnès B  made-to-measure leather pants, blouson S+ARCK with Ballantyne, personal gloves and boots S+ARCK PUMA.

A  first for design at the wax museum.

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