Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer's last gasp

Le Charivari 1865

Nous passerons le reste de l'été a la campagne et nous habiterons ici sous la crinoline.
We'll spend the rest of summer in the countyside and we'll live here 'neath the crinoline.

Final frolics while the weather permits.


  1. Here with its 32 celsius to 38 celsius temperatures summer is sighing, rather than gasping, and will continue for a while yet despite what the calendar says. Mind you, I saw last week on campus, a maple that is beginning to take on Fall color.

  2. These things are relative. Weather report: high of 29 today and low at 18 here, which was a brief improvement. Storms expected tomorrow. I was right to make hay today! Would love to be in Atlanta heat as long as I had a nice, crisp cotton shirt to wear.