Friday, December 31, 2010


A.E. Marty: Les Deux Nigauds from La Gazette du Bon Ton janvier 1914

We may be far removed from the Druids who, on the sixth day of the moon after the winter solstice, celebrated the rite of the Night Mother dressed in robes of white as they prepared a sacrifice before a venerated oak. Mistletoe was rare on an oak tree and was considered so precious that it was cut off carefully with a gold sickle. The parasitic plant was caught as it fell in a cloth of white wool. Its magic powers might be lost if it touched the ground and it was highly valued as a  universal panacea. The plant was brewed with very pure water to cure maladies and protect from bewitchment. For  centuries, celebrations of Guianeu from au gui de l'an neuf  (new year's mistletoe) were carried out to bring luck by children in the countryside. Today it decorates my home, and any magic it spreads starts with a kiss.

Happy New Year to All -

my very best wishes to friends and companions in the blog world for health, happiness, and beauty in 2011


  1. to you too! apparently mistletoe has been scarce this year and the advice was to let it "hang?" & I did. pgt

  2. As a strange biological wonder: mistletoe is the state FLOWER of Oklahoma. Makes you wonder: sooners were the ones who left a tad early before the land rush and mistletoe is a parasite. Oh, well. Those druids certainly loved their oak trees (I read they would eat the acorns (like peyote) for oracle moments. Think I will stick to red wine. Happy new year to you and your family and I hope the wearer of the golden key will have many new adventures.


  3. Thank you for a beautiful post to remind us of the magical transition between the old and new year. Best wishes in 2011! xo, Kendra

  4. How fascinating, mistletoe has always held such roantic memories for me!

    Happy New Years!

    Art by Karena

  5. happy new year! thank you for all the gorgeous words this year -- and all the splendid images -- it is a joy to share your wonderful vision! xo, v

  6. Happy New Year to you too and yes, beauty, it is abundant, keeps me going! I'll look forward to another year of your lovely posts.

  7. Speaking of beauty and smiles: these illustrations from the Gazette du Bon Ton are always exquisitely elegant, but so funny at the same time - admirable.

  8. Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with more beautiful wandering!