Friday, December 10, 2010

Pattern in all things

yesterday: snow in the Parc de Saint Cloud

 photographic explorations by Bentley, the snowflake man
image Wikipedia 

Of all the forms of water, the tiny six-pointed crystals of ice called snow, that form in such quantities within the clouds during storms, are incomparably the most beautiful and varied.

W.A. Bentley

lace pattern from Foillet's compendium of 1598


image of snowflakes and more information on Bentley, here


  1. exquise et feeriques!

    how do you say snowflake in french? did i miss that part of the post?

    can't be flocons de neige can it?

  2. That's the right amount of snow for a nice photo - any more and the details start to disappear. Sometimes that's called "Hollywood snow." Not too little, not too much, but just right."

  3. Mlle P: ou fleurs de neige, comme tu voudra!

    JaneL: What a good expression - I'll spread it around! Ironic though, that this perfect amount of snow blocked the whole city! I myself got in a nice hour and 1/2 walk grace à la neige!

  4. "no two snowflakes are alike"...thank goodness for Bentley; I'm sure he contributed to so many crochet patterns!

    I'd love to go for a walk in the snow! We missed it wherever we went; came home and were told that it was now snowing.

    Love your first photo; thought it was vintage at first.

  5. Having grown up in a snowless clime, snow is always magic to me.
    That vintage effect was from my cell phone just before dusk. I was waiting around while my son was sledding!

  6. the photograph is so still-the most pleasing part of a snow is that for me. You have to see my MW post today-and you will see more snowflakes!