Monday, March 21, 2011

2, rue du Temps Passé


Le temps
Présent, imparfait ou passé composé?

A bit of all three perhaps? In any case, le temps passe.
The window still is open.
Two years for Le Style et la Matière today and tomorrow... a surprise.
Happy Spring!


  1. Two years old, am I understanding correctly? If so, hearty congratulations! Long may you continue.

  2. fantastic! it has been a pleasure to serve with you. Gaye

  3. Blue, Gaye: Thank you both. Only two and I'm not sure if I'm toddling or hobbling!

  4. Too much resilient backbone for toddling or hobbling, not that both are not estimable modes of locomotion. I love your blog for its feeling of speaking gently from a family, not that you asked. This is where we would all be, when not grinding our axes. Compliments to your family, thanks to you.

  5. Some American marriages don't last as long. Happy two-dling to you/

  6. Laurent: Your comments get sweeter and sweeter! I don't want to make a gentleman blush, but I am touched. Thank you. My family has sneaked its way in; these are voluminous things.

    HbD: Thank you very much. If it had been a marriage, it would have been a bit rocky at times. My own is more the solid as type, so the ups and downs have to be somewhere.

  7. Looking forward to the next two years. Congratulations and many thanks!

  8. From one 'sincere and mindful observer, Happy Anniversary! Always enjoy your posts.

    And thank you for visiting me...xa

  9. Alaine: It's mutual! Thank you.