Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fairytale Furniture

The Bo Reudler product and interior design studio is based in the Netherlands.
"We are storytellers through matter. We love materials: following their hidden qualities to bring out their natural beauty, experimenting to discover things we could have never thought of. We love the immaterial: charging things with imagination and meaning."

Above, elements from the Haute Bamboo series made in collaboration with bamboo-architect Olav Bruin.

These are elements of the Slow White Collection of
handmade, limited edition furniture. They are made from gathered wood (beech, birch, cherry or oak), recycled timber, white linseed-oil paint.

This bathroom in a 19th century home near Amsterdam was completely renovated by Reudler.
The Narcisse mirror from the Asylum Collection is made from glass of varying thicknesses causing a distorted reflection resembling a pool of water. A Slow White wash-table, coated with glossy white paint, was especially designed for the room. The sink is made of copper.


"The experience of water extends beyond the act of bathing. Sitting in the bathtub looking up, the bather becomes entranced by a ceiling of intersecting plasterwork circles, as if the water were dripping upwards from the bath. "

 Frost and condensation inspired the bathroom window design, entitled Summer Frost.  A sandblasted pattern starts out dense at the bottom to provide privacy and becomes more open at the top. The scene   depicts butterflies and dragonflies in a landscape of ice flowers. "By day the pattern is reflected on the walls resembling sunlight filtered through foliage, by night the scene is illuminated to become an abstract image."


  1. Fantastic furniture, so poetic, a mixture of eighteenth-century pastoralism and twentieth-century surrealism.

  2. A perfect description, Emile. There is one thing though - it might make you feel tipsy!

  3. love this-not to mention the visually exciting website. pgt

  4. in my bathroom i have this mural of gold & silver grape vines and grapes...
    with candles lit laying on my back in the tub....
    it takes me to another world.


  5. LA: They have gone all the way with the story book idea.

    Renée: I bet that's where you dream up some of your wildest posts!

  6. Merci pour votre WOW dans CASA DE NEIVA.
    J'adore m'inspirer chez vous...