Thursday, March 3, 2011


Outside, marks of affection from his fans.

Inside, nothing much has changed.
2 avril 1928 - 2 mars 1991
these pictures and more from: Serge Gainsbourg Legende

Oh je voudrais tant que tu te souviennes
Cette chanson était la tienne
C'était ta préférée
Je crois
Qu'elle est de Prévert et Kosma

Et chaque fois les feuilles mortes
Te rappellent à mon souvenir
Jour après jour
Les amours mortes
N'en finissent pas de mourir

Avec d'autres bien sûr je m'abandonne
Mais leur chanson est monotone
Et peu à peu je m' indiffère
A cela il n'est rien
A faire

Car chaque fois les feuilles mortes
Te rappellent à mon souvenir
Jour après jour
Les amours mortes
N'en finissent pas de mourir

Peut-on jamais savoir par où commence
Et quand finit l'indifférence
Passe l'automne vienne
Et que la chanson de Prévert

Cette chanson
Les Feuilles Mortes
S'efface de mon souvenir
Et ce jour là
Mes amours mortes
En auront fini de mourir


  1. I've been to Gainsbourg's house many times in my mind, because he interests me greatly as a person and as a poet. I've read an article about this house, and I feel like I know everything in it.

  2. Very fine post on Gainsbourg. The house would be so interesting to tour!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

    Art by Karena

  3. not to sound too irreverent, but could it egalement be said:

    serge gainsbourg: packrat!


    i would love to visit but so glad i'm not his cleaning lady!

  4. How serendipitious. I'll be staying at the Hotel Verneuil for 10 days beginning March 8. I did not know about Serge but will definitely learn more. Thank you for the information.

  5. Olga, Karena, Mlle:
    The house was going to be made into a museum, but those plans have been cancelled. Apparently, daughter Charlotte keeps eveything as it was and pilgrims keep coming all the same.

    Donna Baker: Thanks for coming by and commenting. I hope you will have a lovely stay and maybe you'll feel the vibes of Serge not far off, a talented composer, poet, provocateur.

  6. i need to investigate more...
    but he seems to be very cool.
    i went to the site.

    loved the song

  7. Renée: was sure you would! You might like the racier ones too.

  8. i love love LOVE him. his voice, it just rolls softly through my ears.

    (have had ideas of soodie & scout visiting paris with his music playing in the background...)

  9. I've spent the past half hour looking at more clips on YT. I didn't know of him; love his sexy voice and will enjoy reading more on the link. I can't say I like his reggae version of the Marseillaise though! :)

  10. Soodie: Vive Soodie and Scout! Your fans are waiting!!!!

    Alaine: I make you work a bit, don't I?

  11. Oh la la. Soodie and Scout (that wonderful alpha Westie who keeps young men with no manners OFF!!! the sidewalks at all times and when he is at home, looks artistic, soulful, intelligent and thouhtful) contemplating jumping the pond and going in search of new adventures. Sigh/sign me up.

    This is a song that would make no sense sung in English, no?

  12. Je suis un ancien fumeur
    de Gitane bout filtre
    Maintenant je bois du Kardégic
    et je le vois au fond tes yeux
    prend ma tension non de Dieu

    Je suis un ancien fumeur…