Thursday, April 12, 2012

Color scheming

photo: Le style et la matière

I'm pondering paint colors for the country house - outer woodwork colors to go with tuffeau limestone.
My neighbor in the countryside says she does not like the non-traditional colors the facades are sporting in near-by towns. Red is pretty traditional you would think, but this is maybe a little bright and spiffy 

photo source

for a region more accustomed to faded pastel blues and greens, whites, sometimes browns or forest green.

all the following photos: Le style et la matière

 None of the colors in these pictures would be my choice for the house but I must say I find them perky

and a nice way to wake up the architecture, no matter what condition it may be in. 
There needs to be some follow through on the work here!

Maybe my neighbor spoke with the owner of this house and made him doubt his paint choice.
Or did he run out of paint?

This color scheme could hardly shock

and this is traditional enough in it's two-tone treatment. 
A front door is very important!
I think I know my color direction, but I realize that with all the French interior magazines, 
it's fairly rare to get exterior views.


  1. I like the blue in your second photo. Somehow it just seems "right". Dark green, (or "racing green") is also something that appeals to me.

  2. Sooooo looking forward to hearing about the country house. You rather left us hanging on that. What is the light like on your country door?

    I've always had a red door. The latest is called foxfire brown and it went on fuschia! It was a grab the smelling salts moment! However, it settled down into a dark muted red that does better in the bright western Kansas sun.

    ps Just saw the film Seraphina. Most beautiful.

  3. CN: hmmm...

    Columnist: The soft tones will always seem right, but there would be another dimension of elegance with a contrast- even slight - between mullions and shutters. What I found appealing in these bright town doors was the way they gave an immediate lift to the facades. And there's the surprise factor.

    HbD: It takes time! There's a very glowing light in the region and the front door quite bright faces south. I love red doors too and have had similar experiences with my appartment doors. I've always only had interiors to paint; though you own your apartment, you mustn't tamper with the outside!

    Haven't seen Seraphina, but it made me think a little of L'elegance de l'hérisson.

  4. Like it a lot. Ifind the shopping hiatus makes me see somewhat more clearly. I enjoy it immensely. Have a good Sunday!

  5. Of course I always love the dark green and blue of Paris! You also see the dark green in Lisbon and the Portuguese countryside and it is very striking. Best, Kendra

  6. how about darkest charcoal-black with red detailing {an antique rub}
    along the crevasses of the molding on the door?



  7. J'adore l'idée de ses portes et facades de couleurs. Le reflet de la personnalité de leur propriétaire et surtout leur originalité. Probablement des personnes qui ne connaissent pas l'ennui. Cela m'encourage à le faire dans ma future maison...
    Revenez plus souvent S.V.P ????
    Amitiés de Fine.


  8. Une porte d'entrée est importante que ce soit pour accueillir - ou bien s'enfermer - claque! C'est à nous de l'aider faire ses cris et chuchotements avec de la couleur...
    Merci de votre gentil mot, Fine.