Sunday, April 8, 2012

Joyeuses Paques

photo: Le style et la matière

photo: Le style et la matière


  1. I truly love these photographs and I should think you'd find them to be very treasured keepsakes someday. In the second the exploitation of reflections lends such additional vibrancy to the radiantly irresistible delectations of the window display, particularly of course the charming sophistication in the floral play, that it makes one feel good for the world outside to believe its tastes will be responsive and pleased. It's the cultural message which ultimately captures one's esteem and desire to "be there."

    But in the second picture, I am very captivated by an exuberance and almost blazing mystery in the background haloes, so that possibly I am enjoying a narrative enigma which isn't very demandingly explained, to my eye, in the foreground presentations. By using computer controls to adjust the lighting, my literal assumptions are confirmed, but your lighting has transformed something already attractive enough, but a little prosaic, into an image of very heightened allure, something appropriately symbolic. But then of course the bows and flowers assure us very plainly, we are not in Kansas anymore.

    Very pretty gifts for all our celebrations of the day.