Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ode to a Broken Lamp

What a brute! I broke a lamp yesterday moving things back into their places after having the parquet repaired and refinished. It's just a thing but it made me sad and reminded me of the similar fate of another blue and white lamp that lit up so many memories.

I still have the pieces to the other lamp in a box. There must be something I can do with the all these beautiful bits of porcelaine?


  1. Have you seen the Little Chapel on Guernsey? It is gorgeous - all mosaic-ed with broken china. For instance:

  2. Have the pieces put back together by somebody competent to do it - it will still be beautiful despite the cracks. And, fill more vases with sweet peas - I miss having them and certainly miss their scent.

  3. if you were martha stewart....
    you could mix the pieces with some cut up credit cards and tile the floor of a pool!!!

    she did that n a tv commercial here years ago.
    i never forgot it.


  4. How annoying. Had a similar experience - it's almost one step forward and two back. Best to move on, and go and buy something divine to substitute it!

  5. La Maison Picassiette, Chartres, France

  6. I hate it when that happens! Good luck with bits and pieces mosaics.

  7. Skiourophile: I have been to the Maison Picassiette in Chartres, but had not seen the chapel at Guernsey. Very beautiful! Maybe I could make a birdhouse with my lamps.

    Yes, Blue. I'd like to do that but I'm afraid the break wasn't very clean. I will see before doing anything drastic with the corpse! Some sweet peas would be nice again. Can't you have them in Atlanta?

    Renée: What will MS come up with next? Now I'll have to keep old credit cards too!

    Columnist: Very true, - particularly since the lamp crashing to the floor left a nick in the newly varnished surface - naturally! I'm always looking for divine things, but I find that lamps are a tricky item.

    Charmain Guiliani: Yes, I love that place. Are you suggesting that I start a breaking habit?!

    HbD: Hello, friend - thanks!