Friday, December 18, 2009


brooch Dali d'or embraced by a serpent

After Dada, comes Surrealism - but can you follow after such amply spaced posts? Such a commotion  at and around the 20th anniversary days of the death of Salvador Dali. A spate of films recently out or in the works show that thee controversial artist still fasinates: Little Ashes (Paul Morrison),
Dali and  I: the Surreal Story (Andrew Niccol), Dali (Philippe Mora), and leading them all with a film short in 2005, The Death of Salvador Dali (Delaney Bishop). Hoaxter or genius, child-like prankster and swindler too - he is quoted as saying, “each morning after breakfast I like to start the day by earning $20,000.” Dismissing the scandals of his later life when he was said to make quick sketches or sign forgeries for quick cash, he was an extraordinary character. What does it matter when his whole life was spent to give us a jolt?His work and life were not about subtlety, he was quite the King of Camp, but both give issues to ponder.  I'm convinced we should pick and choose in it at will.

The Persistence Of Memory

Dali's idea of melting clocks was first expressed in a 1931 painting. The idea supposedly came to him while watching a wheel of Camembert melt in the heat of the midday sun.
One of his emblems, it was later translated into brooch form.
The Espace Dali in Montmartre is hosting les bijoux en Dali d’Or, inspired by the luxury and extravagances of the Sun King. In minting his own coins, Dali sets his self-aggrandizing profile face to face with that of Louis XIV on his Louis d'Or .

The jewels exhibited were designed in the 60s and dedicated to his wife and muse, Gala.
All bear the profiles of artist or muse.

Dali d'or pendant

What's better than a Louis d'or?  A Dali d'or of course, or a solid gold Dal 'or,
with effigies heads-or-tails of Dali and Gala in a flamboyant expression of love for his wife
...signed by the artist.

Dali with Gala in 1964

Bejewelled Gala adorns Dali
A true love story, perversions and all.

Royal Heart 1953*
Gold, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, peridots, farnets, amethysts, diamonds and pearls

The ruby heart still pulsates with shimmering majesty.
Just a click to see it beat.
Strange love and love of the strange coursed through his veins and were driving forces.

Tree of Life 1949*
Falsely classic and in his own image. A  face peers out of the foliage reminiscent of a ancient wood spirit carving or one of Arcimboldo's personifications of the seasons. Lost souls and man faced by Nature might not be the basic premises of surrealism, but they are never too far off.

The Eye of Time 1949*
Signature in evidence. Doesn't blink ; he's watching to make sure you are looking.

from Dali's sets for Hitchcock's 1945 Spellbound
Something tells me that if possible, he's still watching.

What part does dream and play have in your Life and Work?
Sources: arts and entertainment The Independant


  1. I can't believe my eyes.
    This is all so fantastic, Dali,,
    love his work.
    This is breathtaking,,

    I want it all.
    A very happy holiday.. Keep Posting, this was scrumptious,


  2. I Dali is pretty fascinating still and spectacular still. I always like the wild cards. These pieces especially the first is gorgeous-and that piece on her arm is what?-another aspect that I did not know about Dali. Truth is other than the paintings I am extremely limited on the topic-I am going to change that.I say so what to the quick sketches, and the signed "forgies" another art form?- see I said I liked a wild card. As guessed dream and play play a large part in my life. beautifully laid out and presented to your readers. GT

  3. as strange as the 'eye' is....
    i think i NEED IT.


  4. amazing to take a metal and make it look like another material -- dripping, like a piece of raw bacon.

    glad you posted about the jewelry have not seen this pieces and they are quite memorizing.

  5. Wonderful post on a really over-the-top interesting character. I love the jewels- there's something really Russian Imperial Family about that heart, especially. And that set design! I am so ashamed to say I haven't seen Spellbound, but I'm adding it to the list now. Lauren

  6. I, like LA, am not fluent in Dali. Tony Duquette's and Dali's jewelry seem to have a similar kind of merry prankster for really big bucks similarity. Always interesting to see an artist's muse.

  7. I've been by turns fascinated and distainful of Dali at various moments. The aesthetic appeal primes here - and the cool factor! E.g. the transformation of materials (yes, even as dripping bacon!) and the surprise of thumping rubies. What I dislike are the gimmicks, but it is very hard not to fall into that trap, especially for such a stylized personality.
    Lauren : Yes, Russian like Gala! Dali and Hitchcock seem made for each other in Spellbound.
    HBD -The muse was a real femme de tête, maybe more on the make than Dali -but then that was their business.