Friday, May 8, 2009

Fleur Fétiche

I can't fight it. I started off this blog talking about anemones and they seem to be jumping out at me from everywhere. That happens sometimes and even to the point of obsession with certain subjects. One little person can have lots of obsessions! Is it part of the creative process? But this isn't like that. No, modest little anemones couldn't be like that. They just nod their pretty heads at me and look out wide-eyed. One of my finds this weekend at a flea market was a 19th century watercolor. It is a precise, classic rendering and so delicate! Small format for intimacy. The seller assured me that it would benefit from an airing out with a larger frame and a marie-louise (mat). She is absolutely right, but that didn't stop me from hanging it up right away.

Speaking of subjects that just keep coming around, Déco in the city recently featured this tea service by Bernardaud. It seems Bernard Buffet delivered two propositions for porcelain decors in 1979. One design was produced in 1981 as a full porcelain service. The other has recently been taken out of the files to create today's tea service. While Buffet is not one of my favorite artists, I think his distinctive contour style works very well here.

On a more playful note, I found this tissue paper bouquet very sweet and would like to try it in pink, purple and red. It comes from the activités bricolage of Tête à Modeler, a craft site for children.

Finally, with the handcrafted charm of an accessories line made for the most feminine and playful of filles, Trois Petits Pois makes barrettes and broaches with anemones as well as other other hand painted motifs. Artist-illustrator, Sophie Chouin, shows a variety of items and her perky paintings inspired by fashion of the 20s and 30s on her site.

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