Thursday, May 28, 2009


Some of the most refined creatures to roam the earth seem to have discerning noses. Several come to mind who compose some of the world's finest perfumes. There's Serge Lutens (Shiesedo - Serge Lutens), Christian Astuguevielle (Comme des Garcons), Jacques Polge (Chanel) .... We've already had a peak into Astuguevielle's apartment which is beautiful but a little more like a gallery from my point of view. Serge Lutens is said to be very secretive. I've never seen views of his interiors in Marrakesh or elsewhere and doubt I ever will, but his stylism for Shiseido and his own boutique in the Palais Royal is proof enough for me of his impeccable taste. Don't give me Paris Match, Gala, or Hola! ... I'm not interested in social lives of people I admire, but give me a glimpse of their inner sanctum and I feel sure I know them better.

Jacques Polge, fragrance director at Chanel these last 30 years, lives well among books, art,
rare objects, and distinctive color harmonies. There is a lot in his home, but it doesn't seem weighed down, nor does it seem to be a stage set.

A corner for perusing his many books and art catalogues. The fauteuil rocaille reminds him of one painted by Matisse in 1946. Lamp by Serge Roche, table by Pierre Le Tan.

Table and chairs en raffia signed by Audoux-Minet

This alcove has become a very special place with theatrical lighting and 50s seating by Vietti upholstered and bound in tomato red fabric.

Do the Great Noses perfume their homes ? I would imagine they do, with the smells of good homes - wax, a log in the fireplace from time to time, old leather, fresh linens, flowers...

photos Jean-Marie del Moral from Atmosphères


  1. I do think the senses are so intertwined. I hadn't thought about perfumers homes, but am not surprised that grace notes abound. In the end, it's all about passion don't you think?

  2. What a magical place- especially the books- I can imagine from these photographs Wax, Wood, myrtle, definitely leather. Love this post. la.

  3. HbD, yes, passion is the motor, then come intuitive decanting and filtering to arrive at the grace notes...(it's good to hear from you again!)

  4. Petit Augure -- I know I find it hard to work out books and artwork. I never have enough wall space for both. Result: books in boxes in garage and paintings leaning against walls behind armoires! Not good for the feng shui! I haven't found "The Moonstone" yet, only "The Lady in White."