Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here comes the sun

I was sure the sun would come back out. I'd love to have this tree swing or "fauteuil suspendu" from the collection 1900 at Fermob. It's available in 24 colors! What a good way to wake up a classic design. Any of the ghostly models in the former post could be imagined with such splashing color.

This is the company that was chosen to produce exact replicas of the famous green chairs found in the Jardin de Luxembourg. They marketed a slightly modified version for the general public in 2004 which quicky became a bestseller.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has a new collection with the same company.
Their site is really worth a visit!

Still, the charm of these chairs can't be denied. Hervé Baume makes them according to traditional wrought iron methods and comes out with some of the highest quality furniture of this kind.

It's always nice to have unobtrusive company in the garden. I spotted this greenery feline at Paradis Express. Delphine tends to seek out the unusual for her site, but she covers all aspects of gardens and outdoor spaces great and small. I think my landscape friends would enjoy a visit.


  1. the fermob pieces are wonderful-thanks for the intro. G

  2. Fermob is all over the French press these days. I don't know how well-known it is in the US.

  3. merci ! Je ne m'en souvenais plus de ce chat... J'ai tellement posté que parfois j'oublie...

  4. Et merci d'avoir laissé un petit mot au croisement des chemins !